‘milk and honey’ by Rupi Kaur

In an age where people are more interested in easy to read novels and celebrity biographies, Kaur’s ‘milk & honey’ stands out as the exception. Her collection of poetry has been derided by some critics who label it "Instapoetry" because they feel that following modern poems aesthetic leads them down a path already traveled many times before - but this doesn't matter when you can see how beautiful these verses really are!

Whether long-term or not, "milk and honey" is undoubtedly popular. Perhaps this could be due to Kaur undercutting the impersonality of modernist aesthetics with accessible language that unites her personal experiences for those who come across them in poems like 'The Sound OfMilk River.' By using first person perspective as well repetitive secondperson pronoun 'you,' she further bridges gap between readers' imagination by making it seem less daunting than before so they too can experience what it feels like on both ends: authorship/muse connection while also being part audience themselves . Pointing beyond pages at onesELF(with some exceptions),Kaur resists separation between herselfandher Audience preferring instead integration

Kaur’s work, then is one that rejecting traditional structures and customs of poetry. Yet its content has a timeless resonance for those who experience life's difficulties: "perhaps this /is surprising," says Kirti (2017). The twenty-first century writer from India initially published her writing on Tumblr or Instagram; actively raising awareness about taboos such as menstruation and sexual abuse while using fluidity with simplicity in communicating what seems like battle cries - universal truths ancient charms which ring true across cultures at any given time period--"you were so afraid."