STEPHEN KING is a 'New York Times'-bestselling horror and fantasy novelist

Stephen Edwin King, the renowned author of many horror novels such as "Carrie" and 'Salem's Lot," was born on this day in 1947 at Portland General Hospital to Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury. The second son after his older brother David (who would later go onto fame himself), Steve spent most if his early childhood with them before moving back permanently home when he entered school age; living firstly Fort Wayne Indiana then Stratford Connecticut where they had family nearby while dad worked away during war time periods serving overseas - though never too far away really since there were always letters sent back-and.

When Stephen was graduating from the University of Maine at Orono, he wrote a weekly column for their student newspaper. He also served in politics as an undergraduate and stood against war with Vietnam because it is unconstitutional according to him- this opinion came out after watching All The Way To Freedom: A Personal History by Gore Vidal which inspired many members on campus while they were active during antiwar demonstrations there decades ago.

The Kings were married in January of 1971, and had two children before divorcing. Tabitha worked as a student at the University of Maine Orono while her husband was unable to find placement within teaching immediately so they lived on his earnings from working in an industrial laundry for awhile until he finally got his first job offer which allowed them both more time with their kids during those early years together- even if it meant lower quality living conditions than what most people tend expected nowadays.

On Mother's Day of 1973, Stephen learned from his new editor at Doubleday Bill Thompson that a major paperback sale would provide him with the means to leave teaching and write full-time.

It has been said that Carrie was published in the spring of 1974 and Stephen wrote The Shining a few months later, set during his time living there. He would return again after less than a year away to purchase land near Bridgton which is where he finished up work on what's considered one if not his most iconic novels: "The Stand."

The Kings, in their 1977 tour of England took up three months of a projected year-long stay. They cut it short and returned home before December 25th when they purchased new property near Center Lovell with an intention to live there for at least part if not all summertime too! It was 1978 when Stephen began teaching creative writing classes at University Of Maine - Orono so he could be close enough while still maintaining contact between family members back home who were waiting anxiously on what seemed like forever since Vietnam had ended...

Stephen King has had an extensive career in both film and literature. He began working as a writer for movies when he wrote the adaptation of one his short stories to be filmed titled "Trucks." After this success with directing also including Creepshow which was released back 1982, Stephen went onto write several more screenplays such...